It is undeniable that AI and blockchain are two of the major technologies that are catalyzing the pace of innovation and introducing radical shifts in every industry. Each technology has its own degree of technical complexity as well as business implications but the joint use of the two may be able to redesign the entire technological (and human) paradigm from scratch.

One of the great proven cases would be Project Pai.

What is Project Pai Blockchain?

Project Pai blockchain is a decentralised open source blockchain protocol build specifically for A.I. Therefore, since blockchain is an open source, anybody can develop token on top of blockchain as well as decentralised application like oBen is doing. Project Pai blockchain has three significant advantages.

First, Its the ownership of Data. 

Pai blockchain has an innovative dual blockchain and torrent system which means is that during the traditional blockchain transaction, the thing recorded on the ledger is just a record of transaction. On Pai Blockchain however, from each transaction, everyone can also attach a data pointer that will point  to a data location on a parallel torrent network creating a formalise structure for decentralised data exchange.

Second, Democratisation of computational power for AI

In addition to the dual blockchain and torrent structure, the developers of the Pai Blockchain are also developing a Proof -of -Useful work algorithm which takes the use of power traditional mining function and uses it to solve AI problems and improves AI algorithm.

Finally, It enables users around the world to contribute their own data to the Pai Platform.

Watch the attached videos below and listen to Lisa Wang, Senior Marketing at Oben as she shares some of her speeches on stage and her opinion on Blockchain and AI in Southeast Asia.

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