Participants learn about blockchain with enthusiasm

Day 2 of Bloconomic 2018 Blockchain Economic Summit was packed with loads of actions from our international speakers, the day started off immediately on full throttle of excitement and enthusiasm building on the momentum from the previous day.



The opening symposium featuring “The development of blockchain in Taiwan, Vietnam and Hong Kong”, by Lucy Chen (BitRabbit), Doan Kieu My (Infinity Blockchain Lab) and Jay Liang (Hong Kong Blockchain Association). The speakers were pouring in their years of knowledge in the industry laying out the current status of blockchain in the industry and deliberating the future of blockchain development, highlighting the key opportunities for their respective countries.


Taiwan’s blockchain policy

Karen Yu (Taiwan legislator), delivered a special speech titled “Crypto Policy and Regulations in Taiwan”, expounding the position of Taiwanese government being very open to the development of blockchain, encouraging the development of blockchain industries and assisting the implementation into various industries. The Taiwanese government believes that blockchain technology accelerates industrial transformation and the government also plans to introduce blockchain technology into the space of public governance. In addition, Karen Yu also hoped to use Taiwan’s financial technology cooperation to create more talents in the Southeast Asia region.


VCs interest and fundings in the blockchain economy

Building from strength to strength, the session quickly escalate to another height where Venture Capitalist from United States (Llew Claasen, Newtown Partners), Germany (Rafael Schultz, Blockchainpunk), South Africa (John Lombela, Cryptovecs Capital), Singapore (John Ho, Standard Chartered Bank and John C Sharp, Hatcher +) and Malaysia (Juliana Jan, Cradle) went into a heated debate on their respective mandate, views and investment strategies for the blockchain economy, allowing the audience to better understand the outlook and perspectives of blockchain economic investment. The panellist also enlightens the blockchain projects on the key success factors that the investors are looking for. The influx of investment funds into the blockchain is inevitable and will certainly propel blockchain economy further.


Another main topic of Day 2 is a panel discussion :

Why establish companies like ours are looking into Blockchain lead by our industry heavyweight players like Hizam Ghazali (Telekom Malaysia Berhad), Kevin Shum (MyEG Services Berhad), Dinesh Ratnam (Catcha Group) and Warren Leow (Inmagine Group) with Dana Garrison (moderator).

All big boys are sharing enterprise insights and looking for more enterprise level solutions with blockchain technology.

Blockchain application innovation highlights


After the eventful morning session to warm up the crowd, participants are immediately loaded with the showcases of various blockchain innovation projects from around the world. There were many interesting blockchain applications being brought to the stage to open the minds of audience:


Lisa Wang from Oben shared with the audience about “Personal AI on the Blockchain – A New Information Economy”, which explains how to integrate artificial intelligence into building a personal avatar in the virtual world that learns to mimic the actual personality of the user and acts as a virtual personal assistance powered by blockchain technology.


CREBACO Co-founder, Dhawal Chopda shared “How to rate blockchain projects” as a reference indicator for investment.


ProximaX Founder, Lon Wong talked about “Blockchain Reimagined”.


Fortifex CEO, Luke A Jones shared “Funding blockchain projects – utilizing and rewarding an ecosystem”, how to leverage and reward the ecosystem to fund blockchain projects.


Standard Kepler MD, David Tang shared “ICO, Reverse ICO and Commercial DAPP” to give listeners an idea of ​​the relevance of ICO to DAPP.


Alterex Co founder, Gobinath Nadarajan introduced “Blockchain True to its core, beyond the hype (Blockchain 3.0)”.


PixelAlpha CEO, Alex Otsu shares “Using Blockchain to Power Better Derivatives Trading”.


Treon founder, Hesham Elmetainy introduced the development of the Treon project.


Nostra founder, Ryan Milbourne shared “The state of the Lighting Network.”


Glid Network founder, George Wong shared about “Asking the Right Questions – Assessing & Developing Blockchain Unicorns”.


Chainhaus CEO, Jamiel Sheikh introduced “Tokenizing Pool Asset”.


Cryptovecs Capital, John Lombela shared about “Blockchain, a Trust Protocol for a new Economy”.


Hello Gold CEO, Robin Lee shared his experience in successfully raising fund for his blockchain project through a session “Fund Raising for Emerging Economies”.


KHA Global VP, James Kim introduced “Kazakhstan Horseracing Association” for better transparency in horse racing with Pegasus.


Trivechain Tech Advisor, Terrence Chooi introduces the “World First Decentralized App”, which introduced the decentralized applications of the chain, such as BizContract, BizFactory and BizStore, and other innovative features of the underlying public chain.


Bitcoin Private Developer, Daniele Monteleone shared “Bitcoin Private: From Scratch to Top 40”.



Bloconomic 2018 ended with a blast!

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